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“The Poetry of Rumi has found a new place in the world thanks to the music of Seabury Gould. Combining the translations of Coleman Barks with his own compositions, Seabury weaves a variety of styles and interpretations into a fantastic voyage into Rumi’s words.” 
—Christy Martin/ Four Shillings Short

“I am grateful for the smile, patience, poetry and music that is Seabury Gould. Seabury, his words and music renew my spirit of gratitude and wonder. Give him a listen and better yet, when you have the chance, go out and listen to him in person.”

—John Heckel, Theatre professor and Director  Humboldt State University

Who Makes
These Changes?

Say I Am You
The Wind
and Rain

Fortune's Wheel

Fortune’s Wheel Say I Am You

Seabury Gould is a singer, multi-instrumentalist and storyteller who is known for his eclectic music-making and blending of genres using guitar, bamboo flute, Irish bouzouki, percussion and vocals. He interweaves diverse World Music influences with poetry of Rumi and performs Celtic music with spirit, imagination and an unwavering respect for the traditions.

Seabury Gould
phone: 707-444-8507 (home), 707-845-8167 (cell)
mail: 2425 Togo St., Eureka CA 95501

Eclectic musician Seabury Gould is a singer, multi-instrumentalist, storyteller, recording artist and music teacher. He performs on the guitar, bamboo flute, Irish bouzouki, piano and percussion. Based in Eureka, California, Seabury Gould plays solo and with other musicians in a variety of styles including Irish traditional and other Celtic music, contemporary folk, classical music of India, blues, and a vast repertoire of songs ranging from the Beatles to Pete Seeger.

Seabury has studied World Music extensively and has made musical journeys to Ireland, Italy, Bali, Bhutan, Bolivia, Tunisia and other lands. He lived in India for two years where he studied Hindustani and Karnatic music. He has also studied with master teachers such as Ali Akbar Khan and Dr. K. Subramaniam.

Seabury’s 2010 CD of Poetry of the Sufi mystic Rumi with musical accompaniment is entitled Let That Musician Finish This Poem. The poetry of Rumi is rich with wisdom, humor, profound insight and inspired passion. Seabury interweaves the Coleman Barks translations of Rumi’s poetry with melodies, rhythms and textures of harmony and instrumentation with Indian music being one of the special ingredients.

He is trained in the Kodaly Concept of Music Education which develops singing and ear develpoment through folk songs, singing games, solfege and sequential teaching. Seabury has a B.A. in Religion from Kenyon College and a M.A. from Antioch University (thesis on Music and Spirituality). He has been described as an “accomplished, dedicated and talented music teacher” and has taught both in schools and privately for 30 years. He is known for his excellent rapport with both children and adults.

In his extensive work with diverse music for adults and children, he facilitates musical wholeness through exploring how the ear, heart, hands and intelligence can be cultivated. He often invites audiences to sing along on choruses of songs with the perspective of “Think Globally, Sing Locally.”

Seabury is a music arranger, composer, and has been a bandleader for 30 years, most recently with the Celtic band Scatter the Mud. He has opened for Robert Bly, Coleman Barks and Deepak Chopra. As one of his specialties is Irish traditional music, he has performed at countless St. Patrick’s Day celebrations with songs, tunes and stories, incorporating guitar, bouzouki, penny whistle and flute. He has hosted many Folk Song Circles and Irish Music Sessions.

He has produced 10 albums of traditional and original music including his 2017 CD, A Full Life: 13 Thank You’s. He played flute on the album Green Autumn which was produced by Celtic music luminary Donal Lunny. Seabury's own CD Irish Journeys, released in 2001, and his band Scatter the Mud’s 2008 CD are collections of Celtic traditional music presented with spirit, imagination and an unwavering respect for the traditions.

Throughout his life Seabury has walked in and drawn inspiration from Nature. He has experienced the truth of the following words of Frank Lloyd Wright: “Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you.”

Throughout his adult life Seabury has been interested in the study and practice of the Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo, the aim of which is to open the consciousness, cultivate aspiration for the Ineffable, and bring about a transformation of mind, life and body. Seabury respects the words of Sri Aurobindo: “The musician and poet stand for a truth, it is the truth of the expression of the Spirit through beauty.” “Music deepens the emotions and harmonizes them with each other.”

(click on CD cover for more info & samples)
Let That Musician Finish This Poem: Instrumentals
Instrumental music CD of Rumi-inspired music
Let That Musician Finish This Poem
Poetry of Rumi with musical accompaniment
Scattered Mud
Seabury’s Celtic music band Scatter the Mud
Irish Journeys
Irish traditional songs and tunes
Times and Places
Storytelling with musical accompaniment

St. Patrick’s Day concerts
through 2013.

“An Evening with Rumi”
with Olof Soderback & Chris “Hendrix”
Arcata Playhouse, Arcata, California
February 18, 2012

Beatles & John Lennon show with “Ticket to Ride”
Arcata, California
January 15, 2012

“An Evening of Rumi Poetry with World Music”
Sold-out performance with Dan Furst, Olof Soderback & Marco Zonka.
Ashland, Oregon
September 24, 2011

“An Evening with Rumi”
seven performances at
Humboldt State University, Arcata, California
December 2010

John Lennon Tribute Concert
Eureka, California
December 8, 2010

Rumi CD Release concert
Humboldt State University, Arcata, California
November 13, 2010

Concert at the Morris Graves Museum of Art
Eureka, California
March 20, 2010

St. Patrick’s Day concerts

Humboldt Folklife Festivals
Blue Lake, California

Ojai Poetry Festival
Ojai California

Ojai World Music Festival

National Storytelling Festival

Opening for Robert Bly and Deepak Chopra


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