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Over the years and under the influence of Ireland, I learned traditional songs and tunes and developed ideas now recorded in "Irish Journeys." These selections are among my very favorites in any style of music. As an arranger, I find Celtic music to be inspiring and rich with creative possibilities.

It is said that where you are, changes who you are. My Irish journeys were wonderful travel experiences and did change who I was. But "Journeys" also refers to my interweaving and interpreting the music, and blending conventional Irish instruments such as the tin whistle and bouzouki with unconventional ones such as the North Indian bamboo flute and vina. This eclecticism reflects my own interest in world music and I hope it pleases your ear as much as it has intrigued my own.

Unlike my three previous albums that were geared primarily for children, this collection of music was produced for adults.

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Reel: The Nine Points of Roguery
Polka: Johnny Leary's Polka
Jig: A Scarce O' Tatties

The Parting Glass

"Seabury Gould has long been one of Ojai's favorite local troubadours. He moves easily from folk traditions to classical Indian music to rock n' roll. In "Irish Journeys" he presents classic traditional Irish songs and tunes backed by unique and skillful instrumentation which includes bamboo flute and vina, with accompaniment by other local musicians. In it, you hear Seabury's musical skill and his passionate feel for the material. "Irish Journeys" is a trip I recommend you take."
—Tom Lowe (Co-Producer, Folk Music in Ojai Concerts, since 1981)

I play Seabury's CD "Irish Journeys" in an exercise class I teach to seniors. They love it and ask me to bring it each week. I enjoy seeing these seniors pick up their feet and begin to dance in spite of themselves. They have such a good time. His rendition of "Bunch of Thyme" is the most beautiful I have ever heard. I always loved hearing it in his concerts.
—Joanne Fornes (Movement teacher, McKinleyville, California)

I enjoy "Irish Journeys" so much that I play it over and over. The songs and tunes are arranged so well that I found myself moved almost to tears on more than one occasion. Seabury has a very special gift and this CD is truly a part of his legacy. It is now one of my all time favorite albums, right up there with Roy Orbison, the Everly Brothers, and Altan.
—Dr. Warren Faber (Psychologist, Chesterland, Ohio)



Recorded at Dolphin Recording, Ventura, CA. Produced by Seabury Gould. Engineered by Rick Griffin. Graphic Design: Phil Gill. Photography: Ron Seba. Cover Art: Cele Donath.

Seabury Gould: vocals, guitar, bamboo flute, bouzouki, whistle, synthesizer, piano, vina, frame drum
Guest Musicians: Eddie Guthman: cittern, mandolin, string bass; Aaron Plunkett: bodhran, bones, tambourine Renee M. Peggie: vocals; Phil Salazar: fiddle; Garrett King: flute on "Tenpenny Bit"

All music traditional & arranged by Seabury Gould
None of the music on this CD has been manipulated to correct pitch or adjust intonation.

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