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Let that musician finish this poem: Instrumentals
Seabury plays guitar, bamboo flute, etc. and invites the listener to experience the music that accompanies the poetry of “Let That Musician…” as instrumental music with no vocals.


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Say Yes Quickly
Who Makes These Changes?
The Music We Are
Each Note


Recorded at Myrtletown Records, Eureka, California. Produced by Seabury Gould. Piano tracks recorded by Mike Kapitan at Groove Time, Arcata, California. Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Tim Gray. Cover Design by Rick Siegfried, ImageMaker, Eureka. Photography by Tim Gray. “Tulip” by Richard Aldorasi, Turkish ebru marbling on handmade paper.

Seabury Gould: guitar, bansuri bamboo flute, Irish bouzouki, vina, naal drum, piano, keyboard synth, mbira, dumbek, rain stick. Eddie Guthman: string bass, cittern. Marco Zonka: percussion. Rachel Hatchimonji: fiddle. Craig Kurumada: clarinet. Tim Gray: programming. Translations by Coleman Barks used by permission.

All music composed and arranged by Seabury Gould with the following exceptions:
Part of “The Instruments” is based on the traditional Finnish tune “Itku Polska (Weeping Polska),” learned from Danny Carnahan.
The main melody of “The Fragile Vial” is based on a traditional composition of India called “Sargam in Raga Bhairav,” learned from Ravi Shankar.
The last section of “Like This” is a traditional Manx air or waltz from the Isle of Man (off the coast of Scotland) called “Arrane Ghelby” (the one Celtic tune on this CD). The tune is known as “Song of the Kelpie.

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